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Making Your Future a Success

Life and Disability Income Insurance, Annuities

New And Exciting

We use a new, unique financial system which can provide individuals, companies and non-profits with potentially enormous sums of money that they didn't even know was available to them.

Improving Life

  Such funds can be utilized for:

  • Creating a tax-free retirement account that  cannot be outlived.
  • Recruiting, retainng and rewarding key employees.
  • Fulfilling unfunded retirement obligations.
  • Enhancing employee retirement benefits.
  • Raising badly-needed funds for non-profits while the donor is still alive.

And, the best part,


The program is designed

so that there is little or no out- of-pocket expense.

Everybody wins!

Develop a structured financial road map


The 7 Step Process

1. Inspect What You Expect

· Track earnngs and expenditures

· Develop a winning spending plan

2. Increase Cash Flow

· Earn additional income

· Manage expenses

3. Eliminate Debt

· Consolidate debt

· Reduce debt sooner

4. Develop An Emergency Fund

· Have a plan for emergencies

· Keep a stash of cash

5. Protect What You Have

· Protect against loss of income

· Insure family assets

6. Build Long-Term Financial   Independence

· Stay ahead of inflation

· Minimize your tax burden

7. Estate Planning

· Prepare an adequate estate plan

About Melvin Chilewich, JD


After many years in international business  development Mr. Chilewich has developed a successful career in the financial   services industry specializing in asset growth and protection, retirement  issues and income maximization.


Mr. Chilewich has authored and  published numerous articles on financial,  legal and  investment topics. He is a  frequent presenter of workshops throughout the region on the universal  requirements for effective financial solutions for today’s retirement planning   needs, as well as for income and asset protection. 


Mr. Chilewich  is a member of the New York and New Jersey State Bars, was a three-time President  of the South Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Insurance and   Financial Advisors (NAIFA) and then served as the President of the New Jersey   State NAIFA organization. He has been an adjunct Assistant Professor of   International Marketing at a leading university in Philadelphia. He also served  for many years as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Genesis Economic Self-Sufficiency Program, a non-profit organization based in Camden, NJ, of   which he was a co-founder. He is involved in many civic activities.


(Mr. Chilewich is retired from the practice of law; He is a Registered Investment Advisor in NJ)

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